The Commercial Real Estate Lease Modeling Master Class

The Commercial Real Estate Lease Modeling Master Class

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Course Details –:

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to build dynamic, institutional-grade commercial real estate models from scratch incorporating reimbursement structures, rent escalation schedules, re-leasing assumptions, and more.
  • Learn how to replace ARGUS and use Excel to perform the calculations necessary to model commercial leases.
  • Learn how to create institutional, professionally formatted models for retail, office, and industrial deals to present to investors and partners.
Requirements -:
  • Access to Microsoft Excel for Mac or PC, Mac Numbers, or Google Sheets.
  • A basic understanding of real estate finance terms and calculations is recommended.
Description -:

Want to learn how to model complex commercial real estate leases in Microsoft Excel from scratch, even without ARGUS? 

This course is a complete, step-by-step guide to modeling commercial leases for retail, office, and industrial real estate. This is a project-based course, meaning you’ll start with a blank Excel workbook and walk away with a fully-functional, dynamic, commercial lease model that YOU’VE created – from scratch.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to build a dynamic, professional-quality commercial real estate lease model from scratch, and your first one will be done by the time you finish the last lecture.

This course will teach you how to model things like multiple tenant lease terms and expiration dates, complex reimbursement structures, renewal probability and downtime, tenant improvement allowances, leasing commissions, and much, much more. At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Build an institutional-quality, dynamic commercial real estate lease model from scratch
  • Learn key Excel shortcuts to double your real estate financial modeling speed
  • Model multiple lease structures and quickly and easily model complex reimbursement structures (NNN, FSG, MG, & BYS)
  • Use renewal probability to accurately drive your future cash flows at a commercial property
  • Build a dynamic lease structure that models irregular rent increases (or decreases) and dynamically changes cash flows with the click of a button
  • Model dynamic leasing commissions on a commercial deal, even if you have different agreements for different periods of a lease
  • Build out percentage rent formulas to model percentage rent payments for retail tenants based on net sales
  • Create easy-to-view annual cash flow roll-ups to quickly review your work and present to investors or colleagues

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a college student or graduate student looking to break into real estate investment after graduation, and you’re looking to add the key technical skill sets to your arsenal that will put you head and shoulders above the competition and allow you to land a lucrative career opportunity in the field
  • You’re a professional in a different field, but looking to buy real estate on the side and want to be able to confidently analyze a commercial deal 
  • You’re an existing real estate professional looking to advance your career, increase your compensation, and break into the real estate investment industry.
  • You’ve bought rental homes or duplexes, and now you’re looking to move into bigger commercial properties and want to feel confident in your ability to analyze deals.

If you have a basic understanding of real estate finance, and you’re looking to apply that knowledge to analyze new commercial real estate investment opportunities, enroll now and let’s get started building this model together today. Looking forward to having you in the course!

Credit to Bensound for the intro music!

Who is the target audience?
  • Real estate investors and professionals who want to learn how to dynamically model commercial real estate properties with complex lease structures without using expensive tools like ARGUS
  • Aspiring real estate investment professionals who want to begin a lucrative career in private equity real estate
  • Single-family home and duplex investors who are looking to acquire retail, office, and/or industrial properties and want to have the skill set to confidently analyze return projections for new deals.

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